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We Offer the Highest Quality Services with Our Specialised Equipment

The TurfBoy2 & TurfBoy Soft, pictured above are our Specialised machines used to clean and maintain Synthetic Courts and Turf with sand and/or rubber granulates infilling.

Infill De-Compaction

The first stage is to use a rotary brush to repair any compaction of the infill. De-compacting the infill can solve water drainage problems, loosen and lift any embedded debris, and re-distribute the infill to achieve a level surface.

Cleaning and Debris Removal

We use our powered low friction rotating brush to lift the loosened infill. During this process, an oscillating sieve separates the dirt from the infill. The dust is also separated from the infill by the integrated suction turbine.

Debris usually takes the form of litter and trash, sticks and stones, nails and screws, seeds, pins, and hair. These Organic materials should be removed from the surface as soon as possible. If they remain there for any length of time, they can begin to decompose and filter into the infill system, which will affect surface drainage.

Synthetic Turf Maintenance Control

  • Weed Removal
  • Spot and mould cleaning & maintenance
  • Repair of Damaged Turf
Synthetic turf cleaning of tennis courts
Synthetic turf cleaning of tennis court clubs
synthetic turf cleaning at schools / daycares
Soccer ovals Synthetic Turf Cleaning
Synthetic Turf Cleaning 2
Infill De-Compaction & Grooming of Synthetic Turf
Pressure Washing
Debris Removal & Cleaning

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