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About Us

We have served 100’s of clients in the Greater Geelong region and we are a leader in the industry for cleaning and maintaining synthetic turf

Synthetic Turf Cleaning is family business covering the Geelong region, Werribee, Bellarine, Surf Coast and Southwest. Over the years we have developed a niche skillset looking after clients synthetic turf.  As the client base has grown so have the jobs from small residential jobs to tennis courts to soccer fields.  Synthetic Turf Cleaning uses only the best machinery from Germany and Europe to clean, groom, de-compact and re-sand/ fill the grass.

Synthetic Turf Cleaning is small business but we have many happy clients and are always looking for more challenges. If you want a one off job or a scheduled clean we can accommodate either.


Synthetic Turf Cleaning

Here is a sample of just some of the machines we use. 

The first machine displayed is a great regular clean machine for smaller areas. I use it at schools to groom and clean synthetic grass that has been trampled and has contaminants in it such as dust, leaf matter, rubbish and hair.

The second machine is the SMG Sportchamp which is a larger version of the smaller one mentioned. It has a larger rotational brush with a more powerful vacuum. Dust contaminants and leaf matter are removed and the grass is groomed very well. It is a great large area machine. 

The last machine is for synthetic that is in poor condition and highly contaminated with soil, moss, weeds etc. It has an aggressive brush to pull out materials, which are no longer suitable for synthetic infill.

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