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Key Indicators

Does Your Turf Need Servicing?


Key Indications are:

  • Is the surface compacted and uneven?
  • Does the surface look unclean, unsafe or have excessive debris?
  • Are the fibres on the surface layed over and matted down?
  • Has dust formed a crusty layer on the surface?
  • Does the surface feel hard, possibly causing a safety issue?
  • Has mould or moss formed a layer over the surface?


Regular Maintenance and cleaning of Synthetic Turf extends it’s life, keeps it safe for use and it looks Fantastic!

  • Rejuvenates Turf
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Fresh and like new again
  • Removes all debris

Regular Grooming

Regular grooming is important to keep the fibers upright. If an artificial surface is not groomed on a regular basis with proper equipment, the surface will become slick and the fibers will wear more rapidly. If the fibers layover and remain bent for too long they can be difficult to stand upright again, so regular attention is needed. Using Rotary brush machines such as the SMG Turf soft/ Turf Boy and SMG Sportschamp will improve footing, re-distribute infill, reduce static electricity, and improve the appearance of the surface.

Talk To Us About Turf Grooming Plans

Regular grooming is important to keep the fibers upright, reduce premature wearing, improve footing and re-distribute infill.